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Vertical Panels

Our Vertical Panels are an easy and affordable way to create a living wall system. Made from eco friendly geotextile fabric, they they resist UV deterioration, so this durable inorganic fabric can last a long time. These panels can be screwed onto walls easily at different sizes and scales — ranging from small DIY home projects to larger industrial setups. they cost less, easy to install, lightweight and will stay with you for many planting seasons. if you really want to build a long-lasting vertical garden in your back yard, you can use these fabric panels for that. They are an efficient method for landscape designers, architects, and home gardeners to create green walls.

The Advantage of Having a Fabric Vertical Garden:

• Compared to wood and metal framed garden panels Veggiepot’s fabric vertical panels weigh literally nothing. So, if you have concerns about adding a lot of extra weight to a fence or wooden wall this gives you a practical option to consider.

• You can also conceal an ugly view with a lush green screen

• Veggiepot fabric vertical panels provide an easy, affordable way to create your own living wall of plants

• You can stack these pockets vertically or horizontally, so you can easily customize the size and shape of your vertical garden!

• If you want to create a large vertical garden along a fence or wall, you can save yourself a bunch of money

• In addition, the mesh-like structure allows roots to grow through it. When the roots come in contact with the outside air, they “self-prune”. In other words, the roots branch out more, enabling a better uptake of water and nutrients. Hence, you get a healthier, stronger plant.

• Our vertical panels have an innovative design that is easy to mount. 

Vertical Garden plants.png

Our Range

We offer vertical panels in various colours and sizes. Customisations are possible.

Height x Width

14” x 12”

36” x 7”

22” x 18”

30” x 30”

Pocket Size

6” x 5”

6” x 5”

6” x 5”

6” x 5”

No. of Pockets






Dark Grey, Red

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