At VeggiePot, we make the healthiest pots for your plants and the environment.

Made using 500GSM eco-friendly geotextile fabric, our breathable fabric pots are ideal for growing a variety of plants indoors and outdoors. Due to our innovative fabric, our pots deliver superior results such as a healthier root structure through air pruning, higher yields and faster growth of plants.


Our ergonomic design and lightweight fabric allows for our pots to be moved and stored easily. Our grow pots are washable and can be reused for upto 7 growing seasons.



Clay/plastic pots are known to break easily under direct sunlight and decay quickly. Our fabric pots, on the other hand, are much more durable and can be reused for upto 7 growing seasons with ease. They are washable, don't break upon transferring and can be stored easily.


VeggiePot is a grow bag made of 100% BPA free post consumer recycled plastic, otherwise destined to landfills. VeggiePot’s eco friendly non-woven geofabric retains nutrients way better than the regular hard plastic/clay pots. All our bags are recyclable and by buying a VeggiePot you are contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of the world.

Relieves Plant Stress

VeggiePot is made of a breathable material which helps plants receiving direct sunlight to dissipate heat from all sides, and allows the soil and plant roots to be well aerated.

Owing to the pot's ergonomic design, it can be easily relocated to suit the sunlight needs of every plant. 

Higher Yield

The ultimate benefit from having maximum control over your plants is higher yield or a greater produce. VeggiePot helps produce higher yields of superior quality in a quick time frame.


VeggiePot can help prevent water logging, reduce the spread of soil borne diseases, and ensure a high level control to you over your plants. The result of this is that it allows the cultivator to efficiently optimize results from the plant, i.e., get higher yields. 

Easy to move and store

Superior construction and user friendly design make VeggiePot an ideal container for all kinds of cultivators. Durable and lightweight, VeggiePot can be used for several growing seasons, and moved around with the help of its dual handles. During the off-season, our containers can be flat packed and comfortably stored.

Air Pruning

VeggiePot allows for good aeration due to its fabric-based construction, which lets plant roots be air pruned almost as naturally as plants growing healthily on the ground.

This allows the plant to have a stronger root structure with more root tips for accessing water and nutrients.

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