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At VeggiePot, we make the best plant containers and panels using eco-friendly geotextile fabric. 


Our products include fabric grow bags, raised beds, decorative pots and vertical panels. They are ideal for growing a variety of plants indoors and outdoors.


Due to our innovative and high quality fabric, our pots deliver superior results such as a healthier root structure through air pruning, higher yields and faster growth of plants.


VeggiePot was started by a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to provide an eco-friendly solution for growing healthy and high yielding plants in a sustainable and easy manner. Through VeggiePot we aim to help transform your indoor and outdoor spaces into beautiful gardens through our innovative fabric pots that are handstitched in a selection of appealing colours, and sizes that are suited to most planting needs. 


VeggiePot is a brand owned by Supreme Technologies Private Limited, a part of the Supreme group of companies, that has vested interest in real estate, infrastructure, import of ICT products and manufacture of technical textiles in Eastern India. Supreme Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a customer-centric company backed by highly skilled and experienced professionals. The group companies are Supreme Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Supreme Geotech Pvt. Ltd., Supreme Infotrade Pvt. Ltd. and Supreme — the IT Mall. 

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