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The joys of gardening are becoming increasingly apparent at a time like this. Gardening can be an especially satisfying way to brighten up your life as well as your home or backyard.

Becoming a gardener can be a rewarding gift to yourself — the beautiful plants you'll manage to grow are just an added bonus. To get started on your gardening journey, an awareness of just the basics can take you a long way. Here are our list of tips for you to pick up this hobby in the easiest and simplest way —

Choose your space or container

Find an airy, and preferably sunlit space in or outside your home that can harbor your plants. If you're limited on space, a container garden, or a scattering of pots in your space can be a good idea.

Choose a plant

Some plants grow better in a certain kind of weather — its always best to research on which plants grow best in the weather and sunlight that your space provides. Plants also need to be placed in pots that give adequate space for their roots to grow. Find a plant to match your pot size, or the other way round. Local plants make for great first plant options, especially if they are fruit or vegetable bearing, since they have highly nutrient-rich produce.

Choose the right potting medium

Once you have chosen a plant and found it a home, the next step is getting it the right potting medium. A potting medium can be garden soil, or a soil-less medium like peat, that is fluffy enough

to allow the plant roots to breathe.

Care for your plants

Your plants are like your pets — they need just as much tender loving care and will give you immense happiness in return. Remember to check on your plants daily, to water them, rake the soil ..... and you can even sing to your plants — plants blossom when exposed to the sound of music.

Admire your garden

Under enough attention, a plant will blossom beautifully, bringing a slice of green paradise to your space. Stop to take a breath, be mindful about your surroundings and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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